The Little Seed Project

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Joan’s Pantry

The Little Seed Pantry Program

Little Seed grows specifically for Joan’s Pantry in Chesterfield, NH, which is just 5 minutes away from the farm.  We provide first-quality produce to the patrons of the pantry, as well as low-cost recipes using the weekly ingredients available on their shelves.  We also donate seconds to the Community Kitchen in Keene, where the vegetables are prepared into freshly cooked meals.  Little Seed also collaborates with the Community Garden run by Antioch University students which grows for the KCK.  

Little Seed Education:


We are dedicated to providing access to farm education to our community through workshops, internships, and shared online educational resources. We have taught the intricacies of farming to children, teens, undergraduate students, graduate students, neighbors, and even retirees and survivors of trauma. We strive to make learning about food accessible to all abilities and experiences.


Through our partnership with the Keene State College Dietetic Internship, as well as our incredible staff Registered Dietitian Hannah Wise, we bring nutrition education to our CSA members, interns, pantry patrons, farm stand customers, and community members.

A Place to Heal.

Survivors of Trauma

Little Seed also serves as a source of funding to bring survivors of trauma to a safe retreat at our farm.  We have hosted survivors of gun violence for over three years to the farm, where they are able to put their hands in the soil, breathe the fresh air, and find space and support in a healing environment.  

Your support can help The Little Seed Project change lives.