Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!

Happy Spring!

You may have noticed things have been looking (and feeling) a little different lately: the birds are chirping, our favorite spring perennials are beginning to poke out of the ground, and we’re all leaving the house with a few less layers on. While we’re all excited about this change, the plants we’ve started at New Dawn Farm are even happier!

We’ve been seeing incredible growth in our plants both above the soil and below. In fact, the root systems of a few are ready for planting! We’ll be putting some beets, lettuce, bok choy, cilantro, and scallions in the ground very soon… Plus, our direct-seeding crops (crops we seed directly in the ground rather than in plug trays first) are beginning to show their true leaves. This means the plants are now actively photosynthesizing!
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Our radishes are coming in nicely!

Monadnock Farm Share Program

We are very excited that New Dawn Farm will be participating in the first year of the Monadnock Farm Share Program developed by the Cheshire County Conservation District. This program aims to make fresh, local food accessible to all community members. We have teamed up with the Cheshire County Conservation District and seven other farms in the region to offer a number of CSA shares to limited-income community members.

The customer is only responsible for half the cost of a CSA share

Participating CSAs cover 25% of the program costs and 25% of costs is provided by the Cheshire Medical Center for Population Health through it’s Healthy Monadnock Initiative.

Click here to learn more or apply today!

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